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Intellifarm SA, Chemin Frank-Thomas 34, 1208 Geneva, Switzerland - Tel +41 22 700 59 29

A personalized platform to simplify your daily life available 24/7.

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Bookkeeping system your team will actually use.

Wyzio makes bookkeeping easy (and almost fun). Your team will get up to speed fast and can track their time, place clients' orders, manage stocks however (and wherever) they want—on their desktop computer, laptop, and/or smartphone. Simple and quick entry means there’s no excuse not to be up-to-date, and you’ll have the data you need to bill accurately and budget wisely.

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Wyzio's benefits are many.

A dynamic and user-friendly dashboard, where you have a global vision, at any time and in real time, of the essential information of your company, in the form of figures and graphs.

A flexible tool, quickly configurable and updated in real time. It is adapted to all levels of the company: decision-makers, accountants, department managers (e.g. purchasing, sales or inventory management).

Wyzio is based on the principles of transactional accounting. Its flexibility, ease of use, and efficiency are all virtues that recommend it to increase your company's performance.

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Have access, at any time, to the accurate information you need.

SaaS system available anywhere, anytime with a simple browser. Multi-company - Multi-currency - Multi-language, using cost accounting, Wyzio reports reflect the specific elements of your business, adding great power to your accounting and analysis. You can optimize access to this key information. All in real time, of course.

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Quick implementation and easy integration with other systems.

Wyzio's architecture allows for a fast, quality implementation that significantly reduces costs. Our consultants are all from the accounting and financial fields. They will be able to meet all your expectations.

With Wyzio, you can optimize the use of your resources in real time, reducing costs while creating value.

Wyzio was designed using the latest technologies. Fully REST/API based, integrating ISO20022 and EBICS at the banking level, our customers can integrate any program with ours by fully automating the processes.

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Stay on top of your budgets and time spent.

Goodbye spreadsheets! Wyzio's built-in reports analyze your data so you don't have to. Set hourly and rate budgets to track the progress of your projects. Run reports on billable and non-billable hours for staff, tasks, clients and specific projects. This will give you a thorough understanding of your current work and historical tracking to facilitate your next project.

More than just bookkeeping…

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Customized platform

Wyzio gives you the freedom to customize your support to fit your style and budget: 100% connected, 100% human.
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Premium Support

Easily manage your accounting and finances with an online program and a human team fully at your disposal.
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With a simple and intuitive interface, you and your team can access it quickly and easily by leveraging our expertise.
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Strategic Toolset

We help our clients with their most complex strategic challenges and build custom solutions to help them achieve sustainable growth.

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