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Non-exhaustive list of Wyzio's functionalities

Accounting and financial management
  • multi-company
  • unlimited accounting period
  • multi-currency and multi-language
  • real time update of all transactions in all modules
  • customer payment methods, supplier payment methods
  • customizable charts of accounts
  • closed fiscal years can be consulted at any time
  • guided entry operations, journal parameters, shortened labels
  • multi-criteria search engine
  • multiple parameterized reports
  • dashboard with key indicators of profitability, cash flow, and debts/receivables
  • balance sheet, profit & loss and account tree freely configurable
  • powerful analytical classification system (grouping by nature, by cost center, by project, by person, by domain, by division)
  • great flexibility of security parameters and access rights according to the user's profile
  • everything seen on the screen is printable and can be exported (WYSIWIG)
  • complete and user-friendly input screens
  • possibility to define and use transaction templates allowing a great saving of time
  • copy of existing transactions in the same module or from other modules (create a customer offer based on a supplier order)
  • input information associated with the nature of the transaction
  • entry of the analytical breakdown
  • settlement with multiple deadlines
  • periodic or floating locking of the system (closing or audit period for example)
  • possibility of connection to other systems (online store, cash registers, ...)
  • analysis of current expenses in relation to the budget and/or year n-1
  • accounting of purchase and sales invoices over a period (automatic transitions)
Cash management
  • management of cash and multiple bank and postal accounts in basic or foreign currency
  • management of value dates and transaction dates
  • cash flow forecasting
  • manual and/or automatic bank reconciliation (ISO20022 format)
  • cash flow forecasts that can combine several bank accounts: cash flow plan, edition of value date balances, consolidated bank statement...
  • management of real value dates from the bank reconciliation
  • automated processing of realized and unrealized foreign exchange gains and losses
  • selection and sending of payment instructions to banks and post office in electronic format (Pain.001)
  • reconciliation of payments made, including bank charges and partial payments
  • automatic or semi-automatic reconciliation (known transactions are automatically reconciled, unknown transactions are semi-automatically reconciled)
  • Handling of all payment types (QR codes, ISR, BESR, Swiss and international bank transfers (SWIFT, IBAN, BIC), IPI - International Payment Instruction, SEPA (Single Euro Payment Area))
Budget Management
  • multiple budgets per fiscal year
  • accounting budgets by accounts and/or account classes
  • annual and/or monthly budgets
  • sub-budgets by analytical section
Purchasing cycle
purchase management:
  • delivery
  • invoicing and returns
  • separate payment processing and transaction history

supplier management:
  • detailed contact information and contact person
  • multiple bank references
  • automatic system learning for allowances and VAT rates
Sales cycle
sales management:
  • quotation
  • pro forma
  • order
  • delivery
  • invoicing and returns
  • Separate processing of cash receipts and recovery of transaction history
  • automatic periodic billing
  • automatic chargeback of costs
  • pre-invoicing
  • partial invoicing of an order

customer management:
  • contact details and contact person
  • multiple bank references per contact
  • multiple billing and delivery addresses per contact
  • business conditions
  • credit limits
  • late notices management
Shared purchasing & selling features
detailed definition of the articles:
  • code and description
  • unit of measure, unit purchase/sale price, 4 stock valuation methods
  • setting of accounts for product entry/exit
  • creation of product groups/subgroups

analysis reports, tools and statistics:
  • detailed analysis of purchases and sales
  • register of debit/credit notes, advances/down payments and other adjustments
  • multi-criteria analytical report of payments and receipts
  • highlighting of exchange rate gains and losses on customer and supplier transactions
  • transaction history by customer and supplier
  • schedule of invoices to be paid and collected
  • list of current estimates
  • status of customer orders and supplier purchases
  • VAT statements and reports
  • advanced search function in the customer/supplier module
Fixed Assets
  • unlimited number of fixed assets
  • several depreciation methods (constant, degressive, etc.)
  • automatic depreciation prorata temporis
  • multi-year depreciation history
Inventory management
  • choice of inventory valuation methods: FIFO, LIFO, average, unit
  • global and detailed inventory queries: physical stock, reserved stock (outstanding customers and suppliers), dated stock, statistics
  • detail of inventory movements
  • detail of forecasted inventory movements
  • detail of work-in-progress of customer/supplier orders, also integrated in the sales and purchasing modules
  • management of serial numbers
  • entry of inventory receipts excluding supplier orders
  • entry of outgoing goods other than invoiced
  • adjustment of the inventory
  • inventory status with or without consumption
  • movement history
Management of the employees' timesheets
  • review and validation of each employe timesheets
  • analysis of time spent
  • team reporting
  • automatic generation of salary slips based on timesheets
  • automatic generation of sales invoices based on timesheets
Workflow management
  • creation of multiple workflows per module according to fully configurable criteria
  • simple or double validation of sales orders, sales invoices and purchase invoices
  • execution of automatic workflow steps by the system (e.g.: sending customer invoices by email after invoice validation)

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