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Frequently Asked Questions

Which browsers are supported by Wyzio?
Wyzio supports the following browsers:
  • Chrome 103 or later
  • Firefox 102 or later
  • Safari 13 or later
  • Edge 103 or later
Unfortunately, Internet Explorer is not and will not be supported.

For the best experience, we recommend downloading the newest version of your preferred browser.
What is the minimum resolution I need to use Wyzio?
To be able to have the best experience possible with Wealthings Horizon, you will need to have a minimum resolution of 1024x768 pixels.
Why can't I save my contact if I just put a bank name?

Because we want to make sure that our clients have the best experience and the best data possible, it is possible to save a bank on a contact only if the bank information is complete (eg. Account Number, BIC/SWIFT, Bank Name), otherwise the system will not permit to save incomplete data. If you want to save a contact for which you don't have the full information on its bank details, you shall not enter any bank information at all.

Which modules are related to Timesheets and how?


There are different modules in the system, to manage different aspects of the Timesheeting process. Excepted the first one of the list, all the other modules require specific permissions to be accessed.

  1. My Timesheets
    • Where to find this module?
      • Under the Wealthings menu, just above "My Account".
    • Do I need permissions to access it ?
      • No, but your company must have enabled the Timesheets usage, and you must be an employee of the company, otherwise you will not see it.
    • What is the specific purpose of this module ?
      • To allow all the employees of a company to create and manage timesheets for their customers and different orders.
  2. Timesheets
    • Where to find this module?
      • Under the Staff menu. To avoid confusion when speaking of it, we sometimes also refer it to "Time Details" module.
    • Do I need permissions to access it ?
      • Yes, you will need specific permissions.
    • What is the specific purpose of this module ?
      • To give the employees and managers a global view of all the present and past timesheets, and for them to be able to validate or invalidate the timesheets for each client and order.
  3. Team Review
    • Where to find this module?
      • Under the Staff menu, below the Timesheets.
    • Do I need permissions to access it ?
      • Yes.
    • What is the specific purpose of this module ?
      • To give the managers a clear view of time spent on each order, the eventual overtime spent, to have a clear view of the employment availability of all the employees, along with some statistics related to the Timesheets.
  4. Salaries settings
    • In which module do I to find this?
      • Go to Contacts, select employees, under the Staff tab, you will find the salary settings of the employee. Seeting the type of salary to "Timeheet" will enable the use of the timesheets in the payslip generation.
    • Do I need permissions to access it ?
      • Yes.
    • What is the specific purpose of this module ?
      • It gives the ability to automatically generate a salary based on the approved timesheets of the employees, thus making your life easier when you have employees paid by the hour.
Why the invoice I sent does not appear in the Invoices Scan module?

The described issue can be caused by multiple factors, so please verify the following before to go further:

  • First of all, only pdf files are treated. So, if you send invoices using another format (eg. jpg, png, etc), they won't be processed and you won't see them in the Purchase Invoices Scan module.
  • Please verify that the email address to which you are sending the document to scan is the correct one. You can check this by going to the "My Account" module (section "Other" below the page), or to your company details (Invoices tab, if you have access to it): compare the email address you are using to send the invoice with the "Email for invoice scans".
  • If your email is sent with a signature that contains at least one image, please try to send it without signature.
  • Does the email server that you are using works correctly ? Please try to send an email (to see if there is no technical issue on the mail server side). Do not send it to yourself, with the same email address, you will need an external address for this.
Which informations should I give upon ticket creation on the support website?

When you create a ticket in the system, please provide us with the following informations. We need to be able to reproduce the issue, or find why it happened, to be able to solve it or to work on a solution.

Please be advised that in case the following informations are not provided, we will need to spend an extensive amount of time to try to reproduce it blindfoldedly, so your issue resolution might be strongly delayed.

  1. WHO
    • Please give us the company name that the bug appeared for, and if not you, the name of the user for which the bug occured.
  2. WHAT
    • Is the problem related to a specific invoice, a precise report, a calendar dropdown, an individual field ? Please tell us all about it.
  3. WHERE
    • Which module were you one ? Which tab was opened in front of your eyes ? In which state this button was on when it happened ?
  4. HOW
    • What did you try to accomplish ? What were you doing when the problem occured ? Please describe the issue as precisely as possible. Help us to help you by explaining the situation that lead to the problem.
    • Did your issue only happen once, or did you already see it before ? Did it happen again since the first time ?
    • What result were you expecting ? In order to know what went wrong, we will at least need to know what you were trying to do !
    • What result did you get ? Why do you think this is not the correct supposed behaviour ?

Of course, all these questions are not mandatory, our team can also make some educated guesses, but the more of them are answered, the less time we will have to spend to find answers - and the more time we will have to work on actual resolutions / fixes.

Thank you for your collaboration, and I am sure we will both enjoy working with each other !

Why do I often have problems with Wyzio's display?
If you use an automatic translator on your browser, it will conflict with Wyzio which is a web application and not a website. This conflict will generate display errors, white pages, etc. Please make sure you do not have any automatic translation plugins enabled in your browser.

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