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At Wyzio we treat new features a little bit differently than others. In fact, we are adding new functionalities as soon as they become stable, not waiting for an « official » new major release. We list the upcoming functionalities that will appear along the way before the « official » new major release, and we mark them as « Done ». As soon all the new features listed for a version are done, the version number is incremented and we start developing the features for the next release.

Feature List

Version 3.0
General - Generates automatic warnings when over budget happens.
General - Re-design of the documents repository, moving the documents from the main database to a secure private S3 solution..- Done
General - Upgrading EBICS 2.5 to EBICS 3.0.
General - Dedicated Mobile application.
General - Module for personal expenses. - Done
Absence management - The system adds automatically a provision at the end of the month for untaken vacation. It create a reversal entry for the previous month.
Budget - Sub-budget Allocation validation improvements
Contacts - Adding the automatic synchronization of contacts and registry information. - Done
Purchases - Implementing purchase orders module in the system.
Reports - Consolidated P&L and Balance Sheet reports, including % of ownership in organization.
Reports - Complete end of year Financial Statement including all the annexes.
Salaries - Implementation of Swissdec.
VAT - Integration of flat rate VAT.
Version 3.X
General - Ability to connect/implement other types of payment systems (PayPal, Stripe, Revolut, etc...).
General - Archive old data > 10 years and cleaning DB from that date.
General - Abilities for Users to Create custom Sales Invoice/Order Templates directly in the system.
General - Module for loans management.
General - Module for participations management.
Invoices scan - adding some improvements by permitting to allocate to multiple accounts directly from this screen.
Production - Implementing a production module in the system.
Orders - Improvement of MIS report to analyze profitability of orders using different means.
Reports - Reporting on carbon footprint of the company.
Sales Invoices - Late notice fees and intererest automatically calculated.
Sales invoices - Possibility to send direct debit to debtors automatically (Pain.008).

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