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The full documentation for the Wealthings Horizon Integration Server is available at the address

You must be logged in Wyzio to access the information which is designed to provide all the elements you will need to integrate with Wyzio.

Authentication for REST API requests

API calls are authenticated via Web Tokens. At a high level, authentication works by the add-on exchanging a security context with the application. This context is used to create and validate tokens, embedded in API calls.

To use the API, you will need to retrieve the API credentials.

  1. Create a Wyzio contact to handle the API requests at
  2. Give that contact the user role.
  3. On the User tab, in the permissions area, apply to the contact the « Webservice » role.
  4. Go to the RESTful API section.
  5. A token linked to the account will be shown on this page.
  6. When you generate a request to the REST API, pass in the header the key « WEAL-TOKEN » and, as the value, the token of the user.

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